Take A Little Home Comfort with You Wherever You Travel

As we slowly get back to a new normal and we are travelling again, we have personally discovered that it makes the trip so much more enjoyable and comfortable if you feel like you are taking a bit of home with you.

The first most important thing to take on your travels?   

Your own pillow. It seems to be an adventure when travelling  as to what pillow you may have in your hotel or B & B.

We have enjoyed taking the down travel pillows from St Geneve on the plane to cuddle up with or the travel pillows from Pillowise that fit comfortably into your carry on luggage. The Pillowise travel pillows are big enough to use for your whole trip. We have also created for customers their own personal sized down pillows, a bit bigger than the travel pillows meant for the plane but small enough to still fit in your carry on luggage. A proper pillow when sleeping in a new bed when travelling, just adds that extra level of comfort.

Don’t forget your sleep mask if you need a totally dark room in which to sleep, we have learned that you cannot assume that all accommodation will have room darkening window coverings, so your sleep mask can create that dark cozy room for you to enable you to sleep.

Don’t forget your favorite book. Reading on the plane or when cuddling up in bed after a long day of sightseeing always helps with relaxation when sleeping in a new environment.

Lastly, I am sure you will have your own personal favorite pajamas

We love our sleepwear from the Dagsmejan Balance collection as it not only wicks away moisture if you find you are perspiring at night but keeps your body temperature 1 degree below normal for that perfect sleep. Available in a cute short set for hotter sleepers, long or short sleepshirts or a two piece lounge set, great for waking up and grabbing that first cup of coffee but also great if you find you are needing that bit of warmth at night.

Travel safe and enjoy!