Sheet Tidbits

Here are a few of my most asked questions which may help guide you towards your perfect bed sheets!

What is Lyocell?

A newer type of natural fiber, lyocell is made from beechwood or eucalyptus.  It boats silky texture, natural luster and breathability.    You may see it sometimes labelled as modal or Tencel – the branded names of lyocell from Lenzing.    Perfect for hot sleepers!

What is Linen?

Derived from the flax plant, linen has proven to be safe and environmentally friendly.  This unique fibre has natural lustre, stiffness and breathability and holds up to 20% its weight in moisture.   Perfect for nightsweats and for anyone needing cooler sheet.

Organic cotton vs OEKO-TEX Certified

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers and using methods and materials that have a low environmental impact.  Oeko-Tex certifies non-hazardous end products and all of their components.   Products that carry the Standard 100 label have been tested and proven free of harmful levels of toxic substances.   Quality sheets should be either organic or Oeko Tek certified so you should feel very safe putting either type of cotton or linen against your skin.

How important is thread count?

Thread count is the total number of horizontal and vertical threats in a square inch of fabric.   The quality of the cotton is more important than the thread count.  When high quality cotton is used (long staple Egyptian cotton) , you can have a beautiful fabric with a threadcount as low as 200!

What is percale cotton?

Percale is characterized  by its matte finish and crisp hand.  The simple over and under weave prevents it from draping closely to the body, making it feel cool to the touch.   Percale is an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

What is sateen cotton?

Also known as a satin weave, sateen fabric is characterized by it smooth, supple, lustrous surface.  The opulent feel makes it the most popular choice for luxury bed linens.  It drapes softly over the sleeper and because of its weave, it feels warmer than percale.