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St Genève Altro Down Alternative Pillow



The Altro pillow is completely adjustable so you can achieve the perfect firmness. The special opening lets you alter the fill weight. Included with the pillow is a special pouch of fiber, so you can add more fill to the pillow if a firmer pillow is desired. For a softer pillow, just take some of the fill and store it in the pouch.

The fill is our DAUNLON™ polyester, an incredibly soft puffy cluster that is very easy to handle when moving it in or out of the pillow. It is made from all new materials and is completely hypoallergenic.


Machine wash and rinse in cold water on a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat checking often. We recommend front loading washing machines.  Do not dry clean

Always use a pillow protector in addition to pillowcases to keep your pillows fresh.