Welcome To Kiska Textiles

We are always searching for new additions to Shades of Sleep and we are proud to announce that bedding from Kiska Textiles will be arriving shortly.

Beth Poulter the owner of Kiska Textiles has been in the industry for several years started Kiska Textiles in 2008.   Her line of fabrics has three different weights, a light weight cambric cotton for duvets, cases and shams, a percale cotton for printed sheets and two heavier weights including a cotton twill and a cotton flax blend that can be used for bedding or throw pillows.   The fabrics are block printed in Jaipur and then finished and sewn in Toronto.

Poulter said block-printing quality “is really about taking a one-dimensional product like a painting” but then using the Japanese wood-blocking technique of layering in patterns and colors “on one another to turn them into three dimensional pieces of art. There is a lot of depth to their work, and it is all about the layering. In creating Kiska, I think I have instinctively picked up on that through osmosis just by looking at them and loving them.”

Kiska Textiles was extremely fortunate and thrilled to be asked to style the bed and meditation bed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s suite, located in the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto