The Perfect Pillow

Are you in search of the perfect pillow?   We don’t realize how much our sleep is impacted until we either travel and are forced to use a pillow that is too flat or too puffy or we finally take the leap and purchase a new pillow for home.  The wrong pillow creates all sort of issues sore neck, headaches, neck stiffness in the morning and an overall poor sleep.   Side sleepers need more support to keep your neck aligned with the rest of your spine and back sleepers need less support.

There are so many choices out there what to do?

For our vegan clients, we offer the Altro Pillow which you can customize yourself.  Add in more fill, or take some out and create the perfect pillow.  Filled with hypoallergenic Daunlon Cluster Polyester this pillow is a wonderful down alternative.

But we are truly in love with our down pillows!   Treated with the Zurguard down processing system, the down is sanitized, eliminating bacteria and any odors making the down truly hypoallergenic.   Your down pillow can be customized with fills ranging from extra soft to extra firm, in standard, regular, queen or king size.  And for those customers that need that little extra support, try the Chateau which comes with a solid core of feathers surrounded by down.    All down pillows are washable and down can be added at any time if you find you are needing more support.

Once you experience sleeping with a pillow that is properly made to accommodate how you sleep, you will wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.