The Beauty Of Natural Fibres

Whether we are talking about sheets for your bed or sleepwear in general, it is always better to use fabrics that are made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk and modal. You will find that you will sleep better if you are surrounded by fabrics that are able to breath and don’t trap in the heat.

Most of us know about pure luxury that comes from either wearing or sleeping on silk, or the coolness of linen made from flax or the wonderful breathability and softness of cotton whether it is a slightly thicker woven cotton or a light cotton from India but it seems modal (or also known as tencel) is still the mystery fibre.

Made from wood cellulose, it actually breaths better than cotton, reduces bacteria and is ideal for sensitive skin due to the smooth fibre surface. Modal is also known to reduce bacterial growth and is made in an eco friendly manufacturing process.

We always keep in stock a selection of modal sheets and sleepwear come in and fall in love.