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What do Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, and Shades of Sleep have in common?


Francois Rance created the fragrance “Josephine” within the strict guidelines of his pupil Napoleon Bonaparte as a dedication to Josephine, the love of his life. Since Josephine was drawn to exotic rose oils, only the finest May Rose was used in this joyful spring floral bouquet.

In 1859 Francois also created a fragrance (“Eugenie”) from the most refined and delicate essences for Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III.

Shades of Sleep nestled in Inglewood is honored to now carry these fragrances from Rance together with several of their triple milled soaps and when paired with towels from the Abyss collection, promises a most luxurious bathing experience.

Key to the Forest Collection

Key to the Forest Collection

Shades of Sleep is known for its sumptuous bedding and stylish sleepwear but here is a secret.   We also have amazing jewellery from Joanna Bisley a local Calgarian who loves creating beautiful jewellery from Swarovski crystal.  Her latest design features a key designed by Yoko Ono who collaborated with Swarovski Crystal on the new Key to the Forest Collection.  The keys symbolize her hopes and dreams for our planet.  She says about her design; ” Imagine a key that unlocks the door to the forest with is secrets, to the sky with it’s peacefulness, to the universe and its infinity, to a future with the promise of a better life”.

A Few of Inglewood’s Finest

Shades of Sleep has called Inglewood home for the past 8 years. We love our customers, neighbourhood and most of all our wonderful neighbours! From September 17 – 23rd, we will be taking over the @Inglewoodyyc Instagram page and are excited to feature a few of our favourite neighbours. Below is a little sneak peek of who you’ll see! Be sure to follow along in September on the @inglewoodyyc feed and follow us at @shadesofsleep.

Photo: inglewoodyyc.ca

Murphy’s Mid-Century

If you have a love for unique and beautiful finds for your home, you won’t want to miss out on Murphy’s Mid-Century. Carefully curated by the owner, Harrison Clark, you’ll be impressed by the selection of authentic mid-century and Scandinavian furniture and decor. Stop in and say hello!

Photo: inglewoodyyc.ca

 The Eden

The Eden Bistro won’t disappoint! It’s warm atmosphere and delicious food make it a daily temptation. Tuna Confit on Toast, Beef Bourguignon, and Scallops & Grits are a few must-have dishes. Did we mention they also serve brunch?

Photo: inglewoodyyc.ca

 Tea Trader

Our favourite importer and retailer of tea has to be Tea Trader. With hundreds of varieties of tea and a staff with more knowledge than you can imagine, you’re sure to find a new favourite tea to sip. After all, fall is around the corner and a warm drink will soon be in order.

Visit Shades of Sleep in-store in Inglewood at 1221-9 Avenue S.E. or call us with questions or orders at (403) 457-0092.