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The Mysteries of Duvets

There are so many duvets to choose from, wool, alpaca, down and silk, what is the best choice for you?

Wool duvets are cozy and warm but sheep have lanolin so this product may cause some allergy issues.  We have found that alpaca is a better choice, it is lanolin free, hypoallergenic and completely chemical free.  Alpaca is also known  for its excellent thermostat due to its follow core within each follicle  which helps regulate body temperature.  In essence, the alpaca duvet is suitable all year round keeping the sleeper at a maximum sleeping comfort throughout the night.

We have chosen to carry the Alpaca duvets from Latierra as they are designed in Canada and stocked in Toronto.  Sizing is Double 80 x 88, Queen 88 x 91 and King 104 x 91.

Have you tried silk?

Silk duvets are another option for duvets, made from pure mulberry silk.   Silk is composed of amino acids, the same amino acids found in our bodies.   Depending on the temperature silk fleece either draws heat away from the body or traps in the warmth.  In the winter, the large fibres reduce thermo-conductivity (heat loss) from the body, but in the summer, the silk fleece sheds surplus heat by wicking away moisture from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.   Luxeport duvets (one of the brands that we carry) is handmade using the finest long fiber mulberry silk available.  The silk threads are teased out to the size of the duvet and layered in multiple times to create a thick floss.  Each comes with its own zipper located by the label so you can open it up and see the silk fleece first hand.  They are then covered with 100% combed cotton jacquard and then quilted.  While silk duvets cannot be washed or dry-cleaned, they can hang outside periodically to keep them fresh and long lasting. Sizing is Double/Queen 87 x 95 and King 95 x 110.   Silk duvets are non-allergenic and dust mite proof. They are perfect insulators, as well as being safe, organic and natural.

Down for anything

Extraordinary soft, lightweight and warm, high quality down is an incredible insulator that will keep you comfortable throughout the year.  Loft or fill power is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down fill.  In general, a higher loft down will be a better insulator but other factors such as density and cling can be just as important.  The down should be have been cleaned and sanitized properly eliminating odours and ensuring that the down duvet is therefore hypoallergenic.   The best down duvets will be available in several  weights, (summer weight, fall or classic weight, and winter weight) and the best quality down duvets will also be available with dual zones (he’s hot, she’s not, so you can have less down on one side and more down on the other).   Winter weight is recommended for average sleepers in cool to cold bedrooms.   Fall or classic weight is recommended for warm sleepers and for heated bedrooms and summer weight is recommended for very warm sleepers in warm conditions.   Down can always be added to duvets but can never be taken out so it is important to ensure that you purchase the correct weight of down.   Your down duvet should also have the Downmark seal ensuring that it is a quality duvet.  The best design is sealed baffle box construction.   The best suppliers of duvets will also be able to provide custom sizing in your duvets should it be required.   Down duvets are available in a variety of ticking (covers) the most common is cotton sateen or Tencel and should be down proof. You will also find that there is a wide variety of sizing in the down market,  we have chosen to sell the duvets made by St. Geneve in Richmond, British Columbia and the sizing is Queen 90 x 94, King 108 x 94 and there is also Super Queen 100 x 100 and Super King 114 x 100.   It is recommended that the down duvet be professionally cleaned.

Regardless of your choice of duvet, if you purchase a quality duvet it will give you many years of warmth and enjoyment.

The Beauty Of Natural Fibres

Whether we are talking about sheets for your bed or sleepwear in general, it is always better to use fabrics that are made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk and modal. You will find that you will sleep better if you are surrounded by fabrics that are able to breath and don’t trap in the heat.

Most of us know about pure luxury that comes from either wearing or sleeping on silk, or the coolness of linen made from flax or the wonderful breathability and softness of cotton whether it is a slightly thicker woven cotton or a light cotton from India but it seems modal (or also known as tencel) is still the mystery fibre.

Made from wood cellulose, it actually breaths better than cotton, reduces bacteria and is ideal for sensitive skin due to the smooth fibre surface. Modal is also known to reduce bacterial growth and is made in an eco friendly manufacturing process.

We always keep in stock a selection of modal sheets and sleepwear come in and fall in love.

Our Favourite Back to School Essentials

It’s that wonderful time of year again when kids of all ages are headed back to school. When the commercials start to play non-stop on the t.v. and radio, they are usually focused on school supplies such as pens, paper and clothes. What we tend to forget are the much-needed sleep essentials for students! We’ve gathered our 4 favourite items for you to pick up for the student living at home or to send in a care package to college.

Tea from The Algonquin Tea Company

There’s nothing more comforting than cozying up with a warm cup of tea, especially while studying for exams. This delicious tea is made of 100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas. Lucid Dream will help you to remember your dreams, Peace Tea will calm you during any busy period, Sacred Blend will give you a sense of focus and Sweetfern is a healthy blend that can be enjoyed daily.

New Bedding from Cuddledown

For the student that’s living in res or away from home, new bedding is a must! This 100% cotton duvet cover is woven in Portugal and made in Canada. Perfect to add a homey touch to any bedroom.

A Great Read – What Should I Do With My Life?

A great gift for the student in your life that may help answer this age old question! Read through humorous and inspirational true stories from individuals starting out in their careers to those who are on their second or third! Perfect to sneak into a backpack 😉

The Nite Hood

For the one that has trouble sleeping or maybe even a roommate that burns the midnight oil studying, the Nite Hood is a perfect gift. The Nite Hood™ is a new kind of sleep mask. Its essential properties lay in its soft, locally knit bamboo fabric that uses opacity and stretch to make a cozy dark space for sleeping. The Nite Hood™ is worn to completely cover the head, covering the eyes and ears, softly applying a gentle embrace, inducing you to relax and nod off. What’s even better? Margaret Atwood loves it too!!

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Hot Flashes & Night Sweats… We Have Your Solution! 

We may be safely into the cooler weather of fall and winter but that unfortunately doesn’t make a difference for those who are going through menopause or generally find themselves to be hot at night. Luckily, some of our favourite products that we carry are also perfect sleep aides for your issues of overheating. We may not be able to get rid of the heat for good but we can help make your sleep a more comfortable experience. 

1. St. Geneve Sheets & Pillow Cases

Our St. Geneve sheets and pillow cases will leave you wondering why you ever slept on anything else! Made from 200 thread count 100% MicroModal, they are soft as silk, even cooler than cotton and long lasting.  

2. Lusome Sleepwear 

The Lusome line of sleepwear is revolutionary! Not only is the fabric luxuriously soft, it expertly manages moisture so that you stay dry and comfortable all night. Its Xirotex™ technology moves bacteria and moisture away from the body through a capillary structure and dual-layer fabric construction.    

3. Pillow Spray

Calm your nerves with a delicious blend of essential oils. This particular pillow spray is perfect for stress relief, calming and renewing. Let the scent help you drift off to a deep sleep. You’ll soon forget about the heat. Stay tuned for a new line of sprays coming soon! 

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