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Kate Walsh On Ellen Degeneres

Kate Walsh was recently a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show to talk about her role in the upcoming Fargo series that premiered April 15th to rave reviews.  Some of the initial filming of Fargo was in and around Historic Inglewood.  Cast and crew had become familiar with our store, Shades of Sleep, purchasing several fleece footed Onesies to warm up after a long day of filming.     When a speciality robe was needed for Kate’s character, the cast approached Shades of Sleep and purchased a Luxe  100% silk Robe made by Christine Vancouver.     When Ellen Degeneres was discussing Fargo with Kate Walsh, the film clip featuring one of Kate Walsh’s scenes featured Kate wearing the luxurious Luxe Robe!

Organic Cotton Bedding

If you are passionate about a healthy good night’s sleep, sourcing organic textiles is a good option. Conventionally grown cotton is hard to distinguish from cotton that’s organically grown. The difference is that Certified Organic means that the cotton has been grown, harvested, processed and manufactured without chemicals and with a lower carbon footprint than traditional cotton. Growing organically takes more time, requires more knowledge and skill and usually costs more.

Our Nico Organic Percale available in both sheets and duvet cover and is GOTS certified and is woven in Germany and sewn in Richmond, British Columbia by St. Geneve.

Cuddledown in Ontario also provides a variety of cotton prints GOTS certified in both sheets and duvet covers.

Think about how much time you spend sleeping on sheets and if you are concerned about the environmental impact or if you suffer from allergies, organic bedding might the answer for you.

Attention All Hot Sleepers!!!

Isn’t it frustrating when after a long hard day, you just want to be able to fall into bed and get a good night’s sleep?   And then you fall asleep but wake up hot and uncomfortable and can’t get back to sleep?

There are some wonderful new products out on the market that can help with you.

St. Geneve has designed a new duvet called “Soving” that helps you customize your sleep.   It is filled with Clear Lake Canadian White goose down and with a loft of 850 it is warm in the winter and cooler in the summer as opposed to other grades of down.   The cover of the duvet is the most sumptuous, lightest part of the duvet, as it is covered in Micro Tencel (or more commonly known as modal) and is made in Austria from Eucalyptus fibres.    When you turn the duvet so that the narrow channels are facing up, this opens the breathing zones to allow the air to circulate to keep you cooler.  Turning it over with the wide channels facing up, closes the breathing zones to keep you warm.

And to complete the sleep experience, sheets and  sleepwear are available in a light, breathable modal to help you sleep cool and comfortable for the whole night.

Welcome To Kiska Textiles

We are always searching for new additions to Shades of Sleep and we are proud to announce that bedding from Kiska Textiles will be arriving shortly.

Beth Poulter the owner of Kiska Textiles has been in the industry for several years started Kiska Textiles in 2008.   Her line of fabrics has three different weights, a light weight cambric cotton for duvets, cases and shams, a percale cotton for printed sheets and two heavier weights including a cotton twill and a cotton flax blend that can be used for bedding or throw pillows.   The fabrics are block printed in Jaipur and then finished and sewn in Toronto.

Poulter said block-printing quality “is really about taking a one-dimensional product like a painting” but then using the Japanese wood-blocking technique of layering in patterns and colors “on one another to turn them into three dimensional pieces of art. There is a lot of depth to their work, and it is all about the layering. In creating Kiska, I think I have instinctively picked up on that through osmosis just by looking at them and loving them.”

Kiska Textiles was extremely fortunate and thrilled to be asked to style the bed and meditation bed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s suite, located in the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto

The Mysteries of Duvets

There are so many duvets to choose from, wool, alpaca, down and silk, what is the best choice for you?

Wool duvets are cozy and warm but sheep have lanolin so this product may cause some allergy issues.  We have found that alpaca is a better choice, it is lanolin free, hypoallergenic and completely chemical free.  Alpaca is also known  for its excellent thermostat due to its follow core within each follicle  which helps regulate body temperature.  In essence, the alpaca duvet is suitable all year round keeping the sleeper at a maximum sleeping comfort throughout the night.

We have chosen to carry the Alpaca duvets from Latierra as they are designed in Canada and stocked in Toronto.  Sizing is Double 80 x 88, Queen 88 x 91 and King 104 x 91.

Have you tried silk?

Silk duvets are another option for duvets, made from pure mulberry silk.   Silk is composed of amino acids, the same amino acids found in our bodies.   Depending on the temperature silk fleece either draws heat away from the body or traps in the warmth.  In the winter, the large fibres reduce thermo-conductivity (heat loss) from the body, but in the summer, the silk fleece sheds surplus heat by wicking away moisture from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.   Luxeport duvets (one of the brands that we carry) is handmade using the finest long fiber mulberry silk available.  The silk threads are teased out to the size of the duvet and layered in multiple times to create a thick floss.  Each comes with its own zipper located by the label so you can open it up and see the silk fleece first hand.  They are then covered with 100% combed cotton jacquard and then quilted.  While silk duvets cannot be washed or dry-cleaned, they can hang outside periodically to keep them fresh and long lasting. Sizing is Double/Queen 87 x 95 and King 95 x 110.   Silk duvets are non-allergenic and dust mite proof. They are perfect insulators, as well as being safe, organic and natural.

Down for anything

Extraordinary soft, lightweight and warm, high quality down is an incredible insulator that will keep you comfortable throughout the year.  Loft or fill power is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down fill.  In general, a higher loft down will be a better insulator but other factors such as density and cling can be just as important.  The down should be have been cleaned and sanitized properly eliminating odours and ensuring that the down duvet is therefore hypoallergenic.   The best down duvets will be available in several  weights, (summer weight, fall or classic weight, and winter weight) and the best quality down duvets will also be available with dual zones (he’s hot, she’s not, so you can have less down on one side and more down on the other).   Winter weight is recommended for average sleepers in cool to cold bedrooms.   Fall or classic weight is recommended for warm sleepers and for heated bedrooms and summer weight is recommended for very warm sleepers in warm conditions.   Down can always be added to duvets but can never be taken out so it is important to ensure that you purchase the correct weight of down.   Your down duvet should also have the Downmark seal ensuring that it is a quality duvet.  The best design is sealed baffle box construction.   The best suppliers of duvets will also be able to provide custom sizing in your duvets should it be required.   Down duvets are available in a variety of ticking (covers) the most common is cotton sateen or Tencel and should be down proof. You will also find that there is a wide variety of sizing in the down market,  we have chosen to sell the duvets made by St. Geneve in Richmond, British Columbia and the sizing is Queen 90 x 94, King 108 x 94 and there is also Super Queen 100 x 100 and Super King 114 x 100.   It is recommended that the down duvet be professionally cleaned.

Regardless of your choice of duvet, if you purchase a quality duvet it will give you many years of warmth and enjoyment.

The Perfect Gift for the Bride-to-Be!

It’s wedding season, which likely means that you’ve received one of two invites to a bridal shower. With your weekends quickly filling up with wedding-related events, the race is on to find the perfect gift for the bride-to-be in your life. You could go the traditional route and purchase something like kitchen staples or homeware, but why not think out side the box and consider something a little more special like a gorgeous silk or satin piece? Below are three pieces that we know won’t disappoint:

1. The Robe

Every woman needs a beautiful robe to wear while getting ready on her wedding day. There’s nothing better than having your makeup and hair done while being wrapped in gorgeous satin. When you’re ready to slip on your wedding dress, you easily slip off your robe, which then becomes a treasured gift to be worn for years to come. One of our favourites is this gorgeous Ginger Lily patterned robe. Available in small, medium and large.

Bride-to-Be Gown
Bride-to-Be Gown

2. The Chemise

A chemise is the perfect gift for the bride-to-be to pack away for her honeymoon. Its tasteful length and coverage make it ideal for lounging and its soft stain allows for a comfortable sleep. The Betty Chemise from Christine Vancouver is 100% silk and made in Canada. Adorned with French stretch lace for a great fit and romantic touch. A staple for every woman’s lingerie collection.

3. The Gown

For the traditional bride who loves a little old Hollywood glamour, the full-length gown is perfect. Ideal for special occasions or a romantic night-in, this gown is a favourite! The Christine Vancouver Glamour Gown is pure silk charmeuse with French stretch lace for added support.

Bride-to-Be Gown

To see our full selection of bridal lingerie, visit us in-store in Inglewood at 1221- 9 Avenue S.E. or contact us
at (403) 457-0092 with any inquiries!