Local Love: Black Sheep Mattress Company

At Shades Of Sleep, we are so grateful for the flourishing small business community in Calgary. Because of this, we wanted to highlight some amazing companies that we think you should know about starting with Black Sheep Mattress Company. We recently got in touch with them to share more of their story below. Enjoy!

Established in 2011, Black Sheep Mattress is a small, luxury mattress manufacturer located in Calgary, Alberta.

So what makes us different from other mattress stores?

Natural Materials
One significant difference between Black Sheep Mattress and other stores is our commitment to high quality, natural materials. Our mattresses never contain any chemicals, toxic fire retardants, pesticides, or glues. We do not use any materials that off-gas VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as they have been proven to cause harmful effects on our body, from skin irritations to organ failure. Instead, we keep our materials list short and sweet, consisting mainly of natural wool, natural cotton and 100% natural latex, with no fillers or additives. By avoiding synthetic materials, not only do we avoid adverse health effects, but we also create a higher quality sustainable product that is built to last.

We believe that each individual is unique– we mean even bed partners– so every one of our mattresses are built-to-order. Your mattress isn’t stock sitting in a storage room, you’re receiving a mattress that has been carefully crafted and curated to your unique needs. We have options to customize mattresses with different firmnesses, dual-profile (different firmnesses on each half), sizes, or even to meet special requests such as omitting materials for allergies, sensitivities, or personal values (e.g. vegan mattresses).

Everything we make is made by hand in our shop here in Calgary. What you’ll find in our shop are real people crafting your perfect mattress with care and attention. We also do our best as a consumer and partner, to work with local companies and suppliers which align with our values– like Shades of Sleep!

There’s a lot more that we can say about our company and our products, but if you’re curious, we would love for you to visit our showroom and let the products speak for themselves.

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