LINEN – Sustainable by Nature

Linen is made from flax and flax is one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. During the growing season, the flax plant does not need additional irrigation, rainwater is sufficient. Compared to other crops, flax uses considerably less crop protection agents and fertilizers and the fibres are separated from the trunk in a natural way via dew root.

The best flax in the world grows in the north region of France, Belgium and the Netherlands (and these are known to be the longest flax fibres) and which is responsible for 80% of the global fax production. This climate, where sun and rain alternate regularly and where the soil is deal for cultivating a stronger fiber, makes this known worldwide for its quality.

Did you know that linen is actually stronger than cotton and does not pill.    Linen also has natural anti-bacterial properties, retains moisture (up to 20% of its weight) and releases this moisture back into the air very quickly and because of that, linens dry almost instantly because the fibre itself cannot hold air or heat.  So it was not a surprise to us to learn that linen is always fresh and cool and very effectively aids inflammatory conditions, reduces fever and provides a healthy respiratory exchange.  Linen is famous for its durability and improves with use, making it  stronger, shinier and softer. 

We love our linen bedding from Libeco where the flax is grown in Belgium,  spun into yarn and woven into the most beautiful linen sheets and duvet covers.