Hot Flashes & Night Sweats… We Have Your Solution! 

We may be safely into the cooler weather of fall and winter but that unfortunately doesn’t make a difference for those who are going through menopause or generally find themselves to be hot at night. Luckily, some of our favourite products that we carry are also perfect sleep aides for your issues of overheating. We may not be able to get rid of the heat for good but we can help make your sleep a more comfortable experience. 

1. St. Geneve Sheets & Pillow Cases

Our St. Geneve sheets and pillow cases will leave you wondering why you ever slept on anything else! Made from 200 thread count 100% MicroModal, they are soft as silk, even cooler than cotton and long lasting.  

2. Lusome Sleepwear 

The Lusome line of sleepwear is revolutionary! Not only is the fabric luxuriously soft, it expertly manages moisture so that you stay dry and comfortable all night. Its Xirotex™ technology moves bacteria and moisture away from the body through a capillary structure and dual-layer fabric construction.    

3. Pillow Spray

Calm your nerves with a delicious blend of essential oils. This particular pillow spray is perfect for stress relief, calming and renewing. Let the scent help you drift off to a deep sleep. You’ll soon forget about the heat. Stay tuned for a new line of sprays coming soon! 

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