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St Genève Silk Duvet


St Genève silk duvets are filled with Tussah silk because it maintains its form, structure and loft better than Mulberry silk, which is too soft and limp as a duvet filling.  This beautiful silk duvet is a great alternative to down filled duvets.

Silk is a soft and luxurious material that drapes well and is much stronger than any other textile fiber,  Silk is wonderful on warm nights, as it can absorb up to a third of is own weight in moisture without feeling damp.  It is a cool feeling fibre, and a great choice for summer months and warmer bedrooms,  Silk will feel a bit heavier than a down or wool filled duvet. It nestles closely around the body providing a reassuring and evenly distributed weight.

Our silk duvets are made in China, the world leader in silk production.  The duvets are unique by being carefully hand layered with may thin layer of silk floss.  The layering is what makes our silk duvet so fine yet comfortable.  The high quality silk is enveloped in a silk-soft 300 thread count lyocell fabric.  It is smooth, lightweight and supple.  Lyocell is 50% more breathable than cotton and pairs beautifully with the natural silk fill.

Twin   72″ x 88″      Queen   90″ x 94″    King  108″ x 94″

Always use a duvet cover, spot clean only

This is a custom order and is non-refundable.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.



This is a custom order and expected delivery is approximately four weeks.