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St Geneve Piatra Merino Wool Pillow


This wonderful pillow is crafted in Europe with 100% European Merino wool.

With its unique combination of temperature and moisture regulation, hypoallergenic qualities and natural comfort, wool helps you to get more deep, regenerative sleep.

This pillow is  made up of multiple layers of wool batting ensuring the filling stays in place,  Each wool fiber has a coil-spring structure, making it remarkably elastic and resilient.  Wool lasts longer than any other fiber.  Regularly fluffing our pillow will help it maintain its loft.

Available in queen and king sizes.

Spot cleaning is permitted with a damp cloth.  Roll your pillow in a towel to remove water, never wring it out. Wool pillows will naturally settle around 25% in the first few months.  Fluff your pillow daily and air in the sun at the turn of the season.

This is a custom order and is non-refundable.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery



This is a custom order and expected delivery is approximately four weeks.