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St Genève James Bay Wild Goose Duvet


Uniquely Canadian, this rare gem of a duvet is warm, cozy and light as air.  James Bay down is second only to Eiderdown.    In the cold rocky northeast of Canada, The First Nations People’s traditional hunting practices are still alive as they hunt the Canada Goose, feeding and supporting their communities with its bounty.   They hand collect the down and send it to be cleaned in one of the world’s most respected facilities here in Canada, and then it is meticulously hand sorted.  Canada Goose boasts Eiderdown-like cling, causes the down clusters to cling to one other, linking the clusters and creating a uniform layer of warmth atop the sleeper.   James Bay has a luxurious loft of 700 but because of its incredible cling, James Bay down insulates at the equivalent of a 900+ loft down.   For each James Bay product that St Genève produces, a donation is made towards the continued preservation of waterfowl and their natural habitat.

Now available in four weights, ultra light, summer, classic and winter.   Ultra Light weight is designed for those that sleep very hot but still want a light covering and a touch of warmth.  Summer weight is recommend for warm sleepers in heated bedrooms in warm climates.   Classic weight is the most popular and suits average people in average temperatures.   This is the choice for people that feel the cold and like to sleep in cooler bedrooms.   This weight is guaranteed to be warm enough.

  • Zurguard certified hypoallergenic
  • 700 plus loft.
  • Canada Wild Goose Down.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Available in Dual zones.
  • Down is very warm so we recommend you go lighter than heavier.  It can always be sent back to St Genève to add more down if you find it too cool however because of the baffle box system they cannot take  out down if you are too warm.

Washable.  Please read instructions before laundering.


This is a custom order and expected delivery is approximately four weeks.