Duvets and Pillows

We all sleep differently and we certainly all have our favorites for duvets.   At Shades of Sleep we have in stock or can order a wide variety of duvets  that we hope will meet your every need.

Down Duvets – Made in Vancouver, B.C. we are proud to carry St. Geneve down duvets.  They have a variety of down products available in several price points sourced from all over the world with various lofts.     All down duvets are available in summer, fall and winter weights, available to order in dual zones (more down on one side and less on the other) and also have the ability to be made in a custom size.   From our best seller, the Lajord duvet (a Canadian sourced Hutterite down) to the luxurious Eiderdown down, we have a wonderful selection of down to accommodate your every wish.

Silk Duvets – We offer two products in silk, a light silk duvet from St Geneve and silk duvets from Luxeport, available in a light or heavier weight silk.   Silk has many qualities including hypoallergenic, adjusts to your body core temperature, great for allergy suffers and dust mite proof.

Alpaca DuvetsLatierra alpaca duvets are designed in Canada and made in Peru with certified alpaca fibers from the high altitudes of Andes Mountain. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, the absence of lanolin makes it complete chemical free.  It is known for its excellent thermostat due to the hollow core within each follicle which regulars the body temperature.   The alpaca duvets are available in summer, fall and winter weights.

Organic duvets – We carry organic duvets from Coyuchi, made from down and covered in a beautiful organic cotton. Available in a three season and a winter weight.