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St Genève Avorio Silk pillowcase


These beautiful 22 Momme Mulberry Silk pillowcases are sewn in Canada but this beautiful silk is imported from Germany and are perfect to a good night’s sleep.   Known to be naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to mold or dust mites, these silk pillowcases are a favorite of our customers.    They are also known to minimize hair breakage and help keep your skin moisturized while you sleep.    As these are such a high quality product, we have packaged ONE pillowcase per package so you want a pair, you must order two packages.

Care of Silk

The reason silk is so strong and light is because it is made of protein, just like you and it is sensitive to harsh cleaners.   Silk is best washed with a pure gentle soap, in fact hair shampoo is ideal.  Always select the gentle cycle on your washing machine, use a small amount of soap, medium temperature, use maximum water level.  Wash and rinse at the same temperature.  Do not wring.  When drying use a medium temperature and select the gentle cycle on your dryer.  Remove it from the dryer before completely dry and allow to air dry.  Turn the pillowcases inside out and use a large lingerie bag if possible.  Press inside out medium temperature if necessary.  Laundering will lessen the original sheen.   Never use fabric softeners or soaps with bleach or brighteners, pre soap products, enzyme detergents.