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Mey Zzzsleepwear Coral Sleepshirt


New to Mey is ZZZsleepwear that helps you sleep with its patented fabric of 60% natural cotton and 40% COOLMAX.    And the N8TEX is the first nightwear from Mey that recharges your energy so you wake up feeling refreshed!

Sleepshirts have slim fit, round neckline, short sleeves.

RELAXING – specifically developed titanium mineral coating has a positive effect on your energy balance.

REGENERATING – the mineral coating reflects back your body’s own infrared heat to provide you with more energy.

COOLING – 40% coolmax fibres rapidly absorb moisture from the skin.

COMFORTABLE – 60% natural cotton ensures outstanding comfort.

SLEEP PODCAST – scan the Spotify code with the Spotify app, start the sleep podcast and fall asleep.

WAKE UP REFRESHED – fall asleep more easily and wake up refreshed with N8TEX.

Machine wash cool, tumble dry low.

Note: This Sleepshirt is a slim fit.