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Market of Stars Rose Quartz Kimono


In Stardust We Trust (Rose Quartz)

The piece that started it all — created to remind ourselves to trust in our dreams again. To trust in possibility. In wonder. In stardust.

The artwork on this stunning kimono was custom painted by Vancouver Island artist Kat Cearns, and based on doves from original antique Victorian prints. Images of doves are symbols of faith, hope and peace — and they were believed by the Victorians to bring luck when worn on jewelry or embroidered on clothing. Each of our doves carry a flowing banner reading “In Stardust We Trust” — the motto behind Market of Stars.

We created this stunning rose quartz version as the playful twin of our midnight one: two sides of the same beautiful coin. Because some days you just want to wear pink!    Approximate length 44″, no belt side split approximately 19″ up from hem.

100% bamboo/wood viscose. Machine wash gentle or hand wash and hang to dry.

Kimono measurements: length 92cm, width 110cm. Model is 5’3” for reference.