Latierra Alpaca Duvet


These Alpaca duvets are manufactured and imported directly from Peru where it is glocally known for its premiere livestock of Alpacas in the range of the Peruvian Andes Mountains.  Alpaca fiber is warmer, lighter yet stronger than wool and resistant to saturation making it nearly water repellant.  Because it is lanolin free it is hypoallergenic.  In addition the alpaca fiber has a thermal nature due to its hollow core within each follicle hence it helps regulate your body temperature.     Latierra duvets do not mix any secondary material collected during the process of the fiber using only clean tops, carded and combed clean fiber.   Filling is 100% alpaca wool and the cover is 100% cotton.   These Alpaca duvets cannot be washed or drycleaned.  To freshen, simply hang outside.

The Classic or winter/four seasons weight is 400 g for both King and Queen.  The Spring/Summer weight is 300 g for both King and Queen.

King Duvet  is 104 x 91  (summer)

King Duvet 104 x 92 (mid weight – Fall)

Queen duvet  summer and mid weight – Fall  88 x 91