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Essentials by Nature Bubble Bath


Essentials by Nature is an Edmonton based company started by Jill Godin after her oldest daughter was diagnosed with asthma and allergies.   Jill has created her own natural non-toxic  homemade products, made from natural essential oils and other plant-based, all natural ingredients, free of chemicals, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrance, sulphates and formaldehyde and strives to establish a sustainable process, mixing, testing and packaging the products in small batches in Edmonton.

Bubble Bath – Relax and unwind in this nourishing formula that luxuriously foams and soothes the skin. A beautiful blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients, pure essential oils and coconut-derived cleansers, this bubble bath will take your experience to another level of bliss.

Eucalyptus Mint –  Designed to freshen and lift the mood using the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils. This invigorating scent will leave you feeling uplifted and mentally clear.

Japanese Cherry Blossom– reminisces of fresh spring air. Fused with top notes of Asian pears, rose, mimosa petals and Fuji apples, seductive jasmine and peony accentuates the floral notes of this scent. A combination of vanilla, musk and creamy sandalwood at the base rounds out this fragrance.     

Vanilla & Birch– This bubble bath includes Madagascar vanilla and sandalwood that smell incredible blended together! It has a very rich, sophisticated and, even exotic vanilla aroma. This scent will fill your bath with a warm and creamy vanilla with all components blending perfectly. Pure elegance!

Harvest Pear -If you want some extra help winding down before bed, you might want to give this bubble bath a try.  Then, just sink your head into the blissful aroma of warm pears and a hint of spice for a sensory experience unlike any other!   An ideal option for you to sink into a cloud of cozy smells without being too overwhelming!

Hibiscus Bloom – This is a sweet yet light and refreshing scent of hibiscus, guava, and beach blossoms. A great scent that is both refreshing and tingles your sense’s .

Nectar and Musk – a spicy aroma with a hint of sweetness makes this a sensual and luxurious experience to soak in the bath with.

Citrus Rose – a light and refreshing scent to invigorate and awaken the scents.  Beautiful for an early morning start to the day.