Beekman Bar Soap


Creamy goat milk and botanicals deeply nourish and moisturize skin, giving you long lasting freshness.  The Goats Milk is completely fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin.

The Honeyed Grapefruit contains  grapefruit, and exfoliating guava leaf combine to create a soap that’s soft in texture and brightly scented, giving your skin a natural glow.

Honey and Oats Scrub Bar – when your hard-working skin needs a break, take five (or twenty-five) with moisturizing honey and revitalizing oatmeal. Our skin-softening formula is triple-milled for an ultra-foamy lather and long-lasting cleanse.

Honey and Orange Blossom  is a  super-hydrating foamy soap infused with the citrusy goodness of sparkling white nectarine and enriched with shea butter for all-day moisture.

Full-sized bar soaps are 9 oz.   Cruelty free.  Triple Milled.