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Abyss & Habidecor Java Rug


The Java Rug is such a fun jungle theme print with its bright palm leaves on a cream background.    Available in 27″ x 47″, with a non slip back, made of 80% GIZA long staple Egyptian cotton, 20% acryl.

Co ordinating colors Ivory (103) Forest (205) and Aqua (210).

This is a CUSTOM order and is non refundable.


  • If pulls or snags should occur carefully cut the snagged or loose yarn using scissors
  • Be aware that certain cleaning and hygiene products may contain ingredients which cause bleaching. Products like blemish/anti-aging creams, hair coloring products, bathroom cleaners, teeth whiteners and items containing alpha hydroxyl or fruit acid may damage your Abyss robe, towels or rug
  • These products are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage Washing
  • Always wash your Abyss products separately from other textiles and garments: items with buttons, zippers, hooks and Velcro will snag your towels or robe
  • Wash whites and colours separately
  • Machine wash and dry at medium temperatures, or hang to dry. Hang drying will extend the life and softness of the rug
  • Do NOT dry at hot temperatures. Do NOT over dry
  • Do NOT bleach or use detergent containing bleach

This is a custom order and expected delivery is approximately 8 weeks.