Ju Ju Jams

What’s luxuriously soft, provides a put together silhouette and is the softest thing you’ll ever own? You guessed it: The  signature JuJu Jams lounge wear.  The exclusive breathable, mesh-insert was designed to act like a bra, but without any underwire, extra straps, fabric or added layers.  It’s light support when you need coverage and unconstrained freedom when you don’t!  Made in USA, the built-in-bra is different than a shelf bra that loses its shape, adds heat and unnecessary layers and provides zero support.  Ju Ju flipped the concept of a built-in-bra by adding a drawstring so you can cinch up when your kids show up with their crew and un-cinch when you’re ready for bed and want ultimate comfort. It’s designed for your lifestyle so you can literally live in our lounge wear 24/7.