Ayrtight Loungewear

We believe in women. We love to see their eyes light up & their shoulders lean back when they put on clothing that makes them feel great. For us, fashion should be celebratory and life-enhancing.

We developed Ayrtight to solve problems. Whether it be squeezing a weeks worth of outfits into a carry-on bag, downsizing to a smaller closet, building a wardrobe that can transition from work to play or simply finding clothing that fits, we strive to offer easy pieces that compliment our multi-generational customer base.

Ayrtight celebrates the women that have emblazoned their spirit on their souls. Sophistication made simple. Eclectic and apologetic. A little quirk and a lot of cool. Brought to you proudly from Canada. Welcome to our gang – The Cool Grey Movement.


Black Long Dress

Crepe Balance Tunic Skinny Pant

Grey Long Dress

Levee Crop Anthem Tunic

Luxe Core Crew Aries Moto Skinny

Luxe Core Crew Aries Moto Skinny Blue

Luxe Villa Tank Aries Crop

Plaid Scarf

Sussex Cardi Black

Sussex Cardi White

Villa Tank Aries Smart Pant

Zest Balance Tunic Aries Skinny Pant