Bedhead Pajamas

Renee Claire – Madame du Mode extraordinaire

Renee Claire Bertrand, owner of Bedhead Pajamas is a clothing designer who was working as a waitress for many years to support her art of dress and coat design. In 1999, manufacturing custom pieces from her own apartment, she began to create a line of well-designed pajamas with speciality screened cotton prints.

Through ingenious marketing and excellent utilization of television product placement , Bedhead has become a highly successful Los Angeles-based production house. Her use of fine, high-quality fabrics, excellent tailoring and piping details has put Renee Claire fashions in demand by celebrities and fine retail outlets across the continent. Her lines appear regularly in prime-time TV shows and leading magazines.


Belle fo the Ball

Blue Eiffel Tower Stretch PJ

Bon Voyage Onesie Henley PJ

Butterfly Short Set

Dalmation Classic Stretch PJ

Dalmation Split Sleeve Short Set

Fashion Print Nightshirt

Girls Skyline Short Set

Mandarin Cotton PJ

Mandarin Cotton Robe

Men's Cotton PJ

Navy Blossom Capri Set

Sketch Eiffel Tower Henley

Sketch Eiffel Tower PJ

Watermelon Tank PJ