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Peacock Alley

It begins with Mary Ella Gabler more than 35 years ago. The founder and President of Peacock Alley, Mary Ella comes from a family of women who were involved in the textile industry in one capacity or another. So while she began her career in 1964 as a New York City stockbroker, she was perhaps always destined for a career change. That opportunity came in 1966, when Mary Ella moved to Dallas.
A keen observer and savvy businesswoman, she made an interesting observation while decorating her new home: American consumers were shifting their perception of the bedroom. She predicted that the bedroom, as the place where people spend a full one-third of their lives, would evolve from a utilitarian space to lay your head at night to a second living room filled with creature comforts. As the 1990s dawned, the concept of cocooning began to take hold. It's a trend that has yet to peak. The bedroom today has become exactly what Mary Ella foresaw: a multi-purpose space for living, working, relaxing and sleeping.

From glamorous luster to earthy texture, the Peacock Alley story speaks to anyone hoping to express their sense of self in their surroundings. Happy nesting!

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